Local Recipes with a French Touch

Janji Laut Restaurant is a date with fine Cuisine.


Our Chef’s motto is freshness and quality.

Here at Janji Laut Resort, do not expect to get an “a la carte” menu because we do not use any freezer.
According to what we find at the village market within the range of our quality standards, we will only provide our guests with one fixed menu, which we will adapt to some guests’ dietary needs or restrictions if they inform us previously.
We buy all our vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers or at the local market.
The local fishermen provide us with the freshest fish.

Starting with the breakfast

Included in the room price, your breakfast will offer:
-Homemade fruit jams (pineapple, mango, coconut and more..),
-Fresh bread
-Fresh tropical fruit juice,
-Plain/fruit pancakes or fresh baked cakes,
-Eggs (cooked to your preference),
-or Indonesian dishes if you prefer (Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Bubur Manado)
If you get a little hungry between two meals, you can order some snacks (pancakes, french fries, fruits plate,…) and drinks.
We will serve you at the restaurant or at the swimming pool.

A good day is a day full of discoveries.

The General Manager is testing all recipes and actively participates in their creation. It is a guarantee of constant quality that he wants to bring to our guests.

Indulge your imagination:

Mixed rice salad & fresh red snapper carpaccio

Mixed rice salad & fresh red snapper carpaccio


Green papaya salad with its special dressing.
Banana flower in its coconut curry
Red Snapper a la moutarde
Crayfish sauce Santan or à l'Armoricaine
Fresh Tuna Sashimi
Bonito Carpaccio
Octopus salad
Grilled local sardines


Nasi Goreng Kacang Mente

Nasi Goreng Kacang Mente


Sambiki (Pumpkin) soup
Bete (Sweet Potatoes) soup
Brenebon (Pork & vegetables) soup
Sayuran (Green vegetables) soup
Ikan (Fish) soup


Mango Souffle

Mango Souffle




Pisang goreng (fried banana) in chocolate sauce
Rice pudding within brown palm sugar
Klappertart (almond coconut Pie)
Coconut cake with palm sugar
Fresh Mango in pepper & ginger
Chocolate Mousse mixed with coconut and Rhum
Roasted Pineapple with chili, starred anis & banana

We made the choice of starting simple and fresh to make our staff able to always value their own recipes, while providing the best for our guests.


Upon your arrival at the resort, you will be able to pick between 2 formulas:

-1/2 Board (1 meal per day): Lunch OR Dinner

Lunch for 10USD/day/person, Dinner for 14USD/day/person

-Full Board (2 meals per day): Lunch AND Dinner for 24USD/day/person

Breakfast is included in the room rate
Lunch is composed of one main course and one dessert
Dinner is one appetizer, one main course and one dessert

The prices above are subject to 21% government taxes and service charge