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Welcome to Janji Laut Hotel Resort and Scuba diving, Manado

Welcome to Janji Laut Resort

Janji Laut first meaning is “a date with the ocean”, This concept of “Rendez-vous” is at the heart of the Resort concept because Indonesia is always a meeting point with the people who are living there and by nature, are always welcoming foreigners with smiles and kindness.

Janji Laut second meaning is “a promise of ocean”, We hope that your stay will be the unforgettable memory of a well honored promise.
Promise or Date, we will do our best to make it a sweet adventure for you and a real meeting with the sea.


Its fisher men with their Bagyan (floating bamboo house), and on lucky days, the dolphins hunting tunas or mackerels in the early morning.

Located thirty five kilometers West of Manado, nestled in the hillside, the Janji Laut Resort overlooks the magnificent Bunaken National Marine Park, one of the world’s richest diving sites and best preserved marine biodiversity in Indonesia.


For scuba divers, enjoy numerous diving spots and the amazing diversity of the marine life from micro fauna to pelagic and, one lucky day you even may encounter the Dugongs.
The resort offers its guests non diving activities such as guided treks in the rain forests, the mountains and around the volcanoes of the main land.

Built on one and a half hectare of lush tropical land overlooking the ocean, the resort is offering private cottages in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. A large terrace is the natural extension of the bedroom and give a unique view to our guests.


The coast still planted of mangrove is available to be discovered by boat or soon by sea kayak.
Once there, immersed in unspoiled nature, let yourself be lulled by the magnificence of this regained paradise, benefit from the tranquility of this tropical garden with multiples symbolic reminiscences, let your imagination run free on the sky blue open ocean.
We use the latest technologies which reduce the impact on the Environment (water recycling with the «Wastewater Gardens System», solar water heater, and the use of economic electrical devices).
Through the hotel management and different social actions, we intend to develop a collective awareness of environmental matters and especially of the protection of Bunaken Marine Park, which is a real natural beauty to be protected for future generations.


All wooden cottages are designed and built respecting the traditional architecture of the Minahasa province, blended with a touch of Javanese or Balinese style furnitures. The authenticity of the materials and the modernity of the comfort offered provide an unforgettable experience.