Janji Laut Eco Boutique Hotel: Social & Environmental Actions

What an Eco Dive Resort can do ?

Janji Laut is an Eco Friendly Resort in Manado North Sulawesi dedicated to respect not only the Environment but also the local community.
  Since we are a N.S.W.A‘ member, we actively contribute as much as possible to the Bunaken Marine Park conservation.



Marine Park conservation


Electricity consumption: A serious matter for any Eco Resort in North Sulawesi.

As most of the Indonesian electricity Company (I.E.C) is coming from a coal central, we try to lower our consumption as much as possible. Therefore, we use energy saving LED’s for the garden path area and low consumption bulb indoor in all areas of our small Eco Resort.
As the “I.E.C” is usually providing inconstantly electricity, we are unfortunately, quite often in the obligation to use our Gen-set. However, we try to run it as little as possible to minimize our carbon print.
As you probably can imagine, the energy consumption can be high in hotels. We designed our Eco Boutique Hotel to minimize our energy consumption by using Solar Powered water heaters for all bathrooms. Furthermore, our cottages are quite well protected by the vegetation which minimize also the use of AC.

Eco Friendly Resort means also Eco Friendly Guest. As a matter of fact, we kindly ask our guest to help us in our actions to avoid unnecessary waste of energy consumption.

Wastewater treatment: An Eco Dive Resort in Bunaken Marine Park, must love and take care of water…..

Our water is provided by a natural source that we found within the building process of our Eco Resort. The owner Frederic has among others, the talent of being a good dowser !

We treat wastewater through a chemical-free system inspired by the “SHEFROL” (sheet flow root level). Our Waste Water Gardens are visible around the cottages and are absolutely odor-free. As a natural way of treating the water, our Eco-wastewater system is using bacterial synthesis. Inside several concrete tanks are fulfilled with gravel and in which we planted flowers and/or specific plants. The grey water is circulating under the gravel and the plants are helping bacteria to destroy the undesirable organisms.  As a result, the effect of an Eco-wastewater on the local environment is therefore obviously significant.

Thus, we decided that only the guests’ personal laundry would be done on site. But even in Manado, we cannot control the laundry process, which is a direct danger for the sea.
Therefore, we ask our guests to help us minimize the laundry by encouraging them to reuse the towels when possible.

Waste management: An Eco Boutique Hotel in a plastic-free environment

Of course, we try to reduce as much as possible our plastic consumption. Among other example, we systematically decline the use of plastic bags when we do shopping. Also, we do a proper selective waste sorting program. Therefore we have a composting area from a walking distance of the resort as well as a plastic enclosure. Once it is full we bring all the plastic to Manado City for waste treatment. However, we unfortunately cannot do much more at this moment but we are thinking in solution to treat it on site in the future.

Flora: Our Eco Boutique hotel is encrusted in a lush tropical garden

We try as much as possible to plant new endemic trees and plants in our luxurious garden.  Regularly done, this helps to preserve the Nature and keep all benefits it brings to our Eco Resort integration.
We also are dedicated to preserve our century-old mangrove trees. We built a stone wall to keep the roots strong in the sea side. Just in front of our Traditional wooden cottages, they provide a sheltered protection keeping rooms temperate. Our Eco Dive Resort is well integrated in its natural environment. In fact, staying at Janji Laut Eco Boutique Hotel is an immersion into the wild nature but in a full comfort.

Fauna: An Eco Friendly Resort is part of the whole Eco-system

Far way from the crowds of Manado City and the busy Bunaken Island. Our remote location gives us the benefit of living in a rich natural environment. The luscious flora also includes a rich fauna that we try to preserve as much on land than in the sea. While we are providing to our guests products to avoid some insects in the rooms, we highly recommend to use it as the minimum possible. We do not have dangerous insect. Contrary, most of them are simply beautiful. We don’t fumigate the outside area to get rid of insects and other local species.During your stay with us, it is frequent to encounter different species of birds, lizards, frogs or insects in the public areas. Since they do not represent a danger, it’s a good opportunity to take macro pictures.

However, as a comfortable Eco Boutique hotel, all your rooms have a mosquito net and mosquito repellent in either body spray or coils. Also, our rooms are equipped with fridge, so keep every kind of food inside !



Eco Dive Resort


Employment: A sustainable Eco Resort management for everyone

We are dedicated to hire only people from local neighboring villages as part of our CSR policy and our involvement with the local community. We train them for their respective departments and tasks but we also offer them the chance to widen their skills by doing cross-training. For example, we offer introduction to Scuba Diving to most our employees as well as Restaurant Service & Cooking training. Furthermore, we increase local awareness of sustainable and Eco-friendly practices and behavior to keep our ocean free of plastic.

They are all sentimentally attached to Janji Laut Resort. For them it’s their house, their gem and they take care of it. We can be proud of them.

Local community:

We try to support the local community as much as we can by donating to foundations. Currently, we are supporting the Yayasan Masarang of Tomohon. This local NGO has several programs, including scholarships, palm farmer groups. The “Palm Sugar Factory program” uses waste steam from the power plants to heat the sugar palm. Resulting in a high-quality product, it is now being successfully exported. All profits go directly to the farmer’s cooperative.

At Janji Laut Eco Dive Resort, we strive to make your stay a unique experience. Feeling Nature’s benefits and smoothing effects on your body and mind.
We thank you for helping us maintain the harmony and balance with Mother Nature.