Team & Equipment

Dive Center

At Janji Laut, our team ensures that you dive in small groups to make your experience more comfortable.
We are also dedicated to make you discover the most famous spots but also the less crowded ones where Nature remains unspoiled.
Try diving with us and you’ll notice the difference!


The Team

Specially trained and certified to guarantee the safety and the comfort of our divers, our Instructor is an Emergency First Response Instructor, OWSI, Rebreather diver, Normoxic CCR diver, technical diver Tech 40-45-50, Technician Gas Blender, IDC staff.



  • A speedboat equipped with two 85 horses power engines, used for diving, fishing or discovering the coastal area
  • A diving boat equipped with two 115 horses 4 strokes power engines for diving in the Bunaken Marine Park and its many islands.

The wide range of dive sites enables us to choose the site which best matches the level of the divers, the weather conditions and what the divers hope to achieve!

The Equipment

New equipment, well suited and regularly verified & maintained.
Emergency equipment (oxygen therapy) on each boat is regularly serviced and ready-to-use.


Diving provides a world of discovery, new experiences and adventure. To make it the best experience possible, the Janji Laut Diving Center focuses on the safety and skill improvement of its divers.