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Your dive center in Bunaken and Manado

Janji Laut PADI dive center in Bunaken Manado: Get wet with us right now !

To begin, we have no schedule ! Means that diving trips to either Bunaken Islands, Manado or Mantehage Island, are up to you ! Janji Laut PADI dive center in Bunaken Manado is the choice for divers looking for a non “diving production line”. Our French dive center manager and his team will do their best to help you in organizing your fun dives. Not only according to your dive preferences, but they also will bring you t0 the most famous dive spotts. Bear in mind that they simply want to dive the best like you !

At Janji Laut, our team ensures that you dive always in small groups to make your experience more comfortable. One of our aims is to give the most flexible service to our guest. Diving with us is a tailored diving service and you’ll notice the difference !

A strategic location to our PADI dive center in Manado:

Janji Laut is a strategic location far away from the crowd. We are in fact, almost the only one Dive center in Manado to organize daily trip to the remote dive sites in the West coast of Manado. Given these points, we are still exploring and discovering wonderful spots in the Bay around our resort. In short, Join us to continue explorations !

To summarize, we are always striving to provide the best experience to all levels of divers. First focus on Safety, Second on excellence of service and Third is on Conviviality.

The Janji Laut Experience: French Dive Center in Bunaken Manado

    • Tailored Dive Service
    • Care & Carry Service
    • Small groups, maximum of 4 guests per dive guide
    • Professional dive guides and Instructor CMAS-PADI-SSI
    • 100% Oxygen, First Aid kit and Life Jacket in all our dive boat
    • Free flow drinking water, Tea & Coffee, snacks & Fruits on board for all boat trips
    • Dive groups scheduled according to their experience and level.
    • Equipment set up / Technician guidance
    • No limitation dive time
    • Decompression dive if certified
    TripAdvisor dive center bunaken

    The Team: guarantee you safety, comfort and adapted service to any diver’s level.

    Our French dive center manager is a CMAS 2* Instructor, PADI OWSI & EFR instructor, SSI OWSI and has 5 specialties instructor rate. Also, he is a certified Technician Trimix Gas Blender and an ASSET member. Certified as a Technician in scuba servicing & repair, Tank visual inspection and compressor operator. To crown it all, he has also an International Certificate of Competence for 15m Power Boat from the IYT.

    The team includes 2 dive guides, 1 instructor and 2 captains. At Janji Laut dive center, we always do our best to make your diving day the most effortless and stress-free. Therefore, we carry your equipment to the boat, set up and double check it works properly. We change your tanks between dives. Of course, after the last dive, your equipment will be rinsed and stored securely in our dive center. We try to think about everything, not only what you need, but also about every details that makes your journey the most enjoyable. You only have to dive….this we hope you want to do it by yourself.

    Dive center in Bunaken and Manado

    Our boats:French dive center Bunaken.

        • Archipel: speedboat equipped with two 85 horses power engines, used for diving, fishing or discovering the coastal area
        • Janjilaut 1: diving boat equipped with two 115 horses 4 strokes power engines for diving in the Bunaken Marine Park and its many islands.
        • On Board we always bring: 100% medical oxygen kit, a first aid kit, safety jacket, spare scuba diving equipment, spare tank and tool box.

    Each boat trips includes: Free-Flow drinking water, Tea, Coffee, Fruits and homemade cakes

    Padi dive center in Bunaken Manado. French dive center Bunaken.
    French dive center Bunaken. dive center in Bunaken Manado.
    Padi dive center in Manado. French dive center Bunaken. dive center Manado.

    The Equipment:Padi dive center in Bunaken Manado. French dive center Bunaken.

    We use mainly Aqualung and Mares scuba equipment. It is recent and regularly verified & maintained by our French dive center manager. As a certified scuba technician, he can also help you to fix a problem with your own scuba equipment.

    Regulators are Aqualung Calypso, BCDs are from Aqualung and Mares, Fins and mask from Aqualung. We provide either long or shorty Wet suits from both brand.
    The equipment rental is assigned to the diver for his whole length of stay. We record it and We keep the equipment in your attributed crate. No risk to mix up diver’s equipment. French dive center Bunaken. dive center in Manado. dive center in Manado