Social & Environmental Actions

What we do

At Janji Laut, we are dedicated to respect the Environment & the local community.
We do our utmost to preserve the Bunaken Marine Park and its incredibly rich fauna and flora.





Electricity consumption:

As most of the Indonesian electricity is coming from a coal central, we try to lower our consumption by using energy saving LED lights for the garden and low consumption bulb indoors.
As the Indonesian Electricity Company is providing very little electricity, we are often obliged to use Genset for the resort. Once again we try to use it as little as possible to minimize the side effects on the land and sea around us.
We are also using Solar Powered water heaters for all bathrooms.

Water treatment:

We made the choice to treat wastewater through Waste Water Gardens that are visible around the cottages.
It is a natural way of treatment using bacterial synthesis into several concrete tanks which are full of gravel and in which we planted flowers or specific plants.
The grey water is circulating under the gravel and the plants are helping bacteria to destroy the undesirable organisms.
The effect of wastewater on the local environment is of course significant.
Thus, we decided that only the guests’ personal laundry would be done on site. But even in Manado, we cannot control the laundry process, which is a direct danger for the sea.
Therefore, we ask our guests to help us minimize the laundry by encouraging them to reuse the towels when possible.


We try to plant new local trees and plants in our garden regularly in order to preserve the Nature in the area and keep all benefits it brings to our daily life in the resort.
We also are dedicated to preserve our century-old mangrove trees on the sea side by building a stone wall to keep the roots strong.


Our remote location gives us the benefit of living in a rich natural environment.
The luscious flora also includes a rich fauna that we try to preserve as much on land than in the sea. While we are giving our guests products to protect themselves from mosquitoes in and out of the rooms, we don’t fumigate the area to get rid of insects and other local species.
During your stay with us, it is frequent to encounter different species of birds, lizards or insects in the public areas which do not represent a danger.






We are dedicated to hire only people from local neighbouring villages as part of our CSR policy and our involvement with the local community.
We train them for their respective departments and tasks but we also offer them the chance to widen their skills by doing cross-trainings.
For example, we offer introduction to Scuba Diving to most our employees as well as Restaurant Service & Cuisine trainings.

Local community:

We try to support the local community as much as we can by donating to foundations.
We are currently supporting the Yayasan Masarang of Tomohon which has several programs, including scholarships, palm farmer groups, “Palm Sugar Factory program” that uses waste steam from the power plants to heat the sugar palm.
The resulting high-quality product is now being successfully exported – with all profits going direct to the farmer’s cooperative.

At Janji Laut, we strive to make your stay a unique experience by feeling Nature’s benefits and soothing effects on your body and mind.
We thank you for helping us maintain the harmony and balance with Mother Nature.