Tours & Trekkings

Tours around the Resort


Land Tours

Around the Resort: forest and river trekking

A 3 hours small trek behind the Resort, in the forest, crossing rivers, bathing in clear water.

Highland Tour

This tour includes various visits such as: the “Waruga” (ancient local stone cemetery), traditional Minahasa houses, the Budayana buddhist temple, the Tomohon traditional market, a trek on the Mahawu volcano, lunch at the Tondano Lake, visits of different villages and their traditions, and the Linow lake.

The Mount Lokon

An active volcano, which gives rhythm to all activities in the region.
It is also a trekking occasion to discover the mountainous countryside and its inhabitants.
We organize a trek around or up to the Lokon (depending on local weather and volcano activity conditions).

The Tondano Lake

A nice trekking area, with many opportunities to taste the local white water fishes recipes at some restaurant along its banks.
The tour can combine car and walking into the country side around the lake.

The National Park of Tangkoko

A great destination to encounter endemic species such as the Celebes Crested Monkey, the Tarsius (the smallest monkey in the world) or a lot of bird species such as: Sulawesi Hawk Eagle,Yellow Breasted Racquet tailed Parrot, Hornbills and many more.

Toraja Tour (3/4 days or more)

During your stay with us, we can organize a few days trip to the Land of Toraja in the center of Sulawesi. Just ask us for more information.

Rafting tour

Experiment the unique atmosphere of the river sneaking through the jungle.

Boat Tour

Feel the charm of a little cruise to the Bunaken Archipelago or around the Resort’s house reef.