Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Discover the Bunaken National Marine Park

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Janji Laut Dive resort Bunaken Manado

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Janji Laut Dive Resort

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Feel pampered in our cozy rooms

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Discover the beauties of the underwater world

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Indulge yourself with our lush tropical garden

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

The beauty of the oceanic wild life

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Enjoy the breath-taking sea views

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Relax in our swimming pool

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Feel the smoothing atmosphere of a Boutique resort

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Be amazed by unique sunsets in the bay

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Discover the Minahasa region through land tours & trekkings

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

Encounter unique animal species

Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

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Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

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Janji Laut Dive Resort – Manado Bunaken Indonesia

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Welcome to Janji Laut Dive Resort Bunaken Manado, North Sulawesi: your gateway to pristine underwater gems!

Janji Laut Dive Resort Bunaken Manado is a charming Boutique hotel located 35km West of Manado City, in North Sulawesi. Away from the crowds, our Resort gives you an exclusive and comfortable accommodation. Our 10 cosy cottage rooms are especially designed into the traditional Minahasa architecture. To complete the picture, the whole Resort is perfectly encrusted in a preserved lush tropical garden. Since we are an “Eco friendly resort” we are also dedicated to a sustainable people management philosophy. Including supporting the local community. Therefore, coming here is not only an introduction into the wild Nature but it is also a cultural immersion with the Minahasa people.

Regardless if you are coming to North Sulawesi for Diving Bunaken or for visiting the Minahasa region, Janji Laut Dive Resort is the choice of people looking for a different vacation style. In fact, staying at Janji Laut is finally an holistic experience. All in all, our team members are always doing their best to make the difference ! 

In addition, our unique location gives you the opportunity to diversify your holiday’s activities. Indeed, our Resort is a perfect gateway to easily explore the Minahasa region. In the same way, it’s an excellent base for diving both North and South of the Bunaken National Marine Park.

However, if you love “Shopping Malls”, Manado city is just 1 hour drive from our Resort.

Dive Boat trips to Bunaken and Manado Coastal Reef. Hotel Manado, Dive resort Manado Bunaken.

Janji Laut Dive Resort Manado Bunaken is your access to the whole magnificent Bunaken Marine Park. Keep in mind that it includes also the west Manado coastal reef where we are located. Here you will discover untouched coral gardens. The Bunaken national marine park is one of the most diverse underwater fauna in Indonesia and among the world.

Do not miss our 2 best dive sites: Bethlehem and Tanjung Kelapa (Malcom) ! The first one is typically a muck dive and the second one is an impressive wall. Just to summarize some of the fauna that we have about 10mn boat drive: Seahorses, Ghost Pipe fish, Sting Ray, Scorpion leaf fish, Razorfish, Froggfish, Stonefish, Mackerel, Sea snakes, Napoleon wrasse, Bluefin trevally fish, Dugong…. And much more.

With our 2 boats, we can organize daily diving trip to Bunaken island and around Manado. Diving is always done in small groups of divers as well as Snorkeling Boat trip. The flexibility of our services combined with the conviviality of a small Boutique Resort will give you an unforgettable experience. Must of all, we try to customize our services as much as possible in order to always exceed our guests’ expectations.

Given these points, we can offer you competitive diving packages with an advantageous Full Board accommodation comparatively with others. Our dive schedule to either Bunaken and Manado is flexible. First of all, according to your wishes. In other words, Janji Laut is your tailored service for a perfect diving holiday.

Get your Diving Certification or try our Discover Scuba Diving Program

Our dive center offers all range of PADI scuba diving certification. Not only From beginners but also up to the “Divemaster” professional level at a really affordable price. Our experienced PADI / SSI and  CMAS instructor will give you a tailored training. Course are provided in either English, French or even Portuguese ! In addition, we have a large swimming pool for training session and we will be pleased to offer you a free introduction of diving.

Our house Reef is a perfect spot for discovering easily and safely new sensations. As a matter of fact, try scuba diving and you will feel like an explorer getting into a new wonderful world. In either case, our house reef is very convenient for you to do a Refresh diving Program if needed or simply joining for an afternoon shore dive. However, a night dive experience is highly recommended.


-Celebrate The Sea 2018-

Click here to take part in the biggest Underwater Pictures Competition in Asia-Pacific
from March 31st to April 4th 2018



-Free transport from & to the Manado airport if you stay for 4 nights or more.

-Complimentary 2 hours sea-kayak or mountain-bike ride around the resort.

About Janji Laut, an Eco Dive Resort

Discover our ingredients to make your stay a unique experience in a calm and serene atmosphere, between the jungle and the sea.
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Our Boutique Resort offers 10 cosy rooms (in 5 wooden cottages).  On the sea shore facing our private harbor or nestled into the hill with a large terrace and stunning views on the bay and Bunaken Island.
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Diving in Bunaken National Marine Park and Dive Manado Coastal Reef

Discover the amazing underwater world of the Bunaken National Marine Park, with some of the world’s richest scuba diving sites and best preserved marine biodiversity in the world.
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Land tours & Activities

Enjoy the wonders of the Minahasa region through incredible land tours, volcano trekkings, National Parks and cultural visits.
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Indulge yourself in delicious local recipes with a modern French touch. Everything is served fresh and homemade!
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Photos & Videos Gallery

Get a closer look at our resort and facilities by checking out our photos and videos!
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Find the information about our Rooms, Diving & Activities Rates here!
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